About Whitney

PhD Candidate
School of Renewable Natural Resources
Louisiana State University

My research interests include wetland ecosystem processes, particularly the role of regeneration mechanisms in plant species community composition. My current research is on tree seedling dynamics within floodplain forests (i.e., bottomland hardwood forests) in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Specifically, my research is asking how flooding (or lack thereof) influences first-year seedling survival among tree species. This question stems from ongoing changes in tree species composition within many floodplain forests in Louisiana and other areas of the Southeastern U.S.

In conjunction with research, I also strive for effective scientific communication, particularly with the non-scientific community. I believe there is a substantial need for making science more easily understandable and accessible to all people. I primarily do this through photos and writing, but am interested in developing and incorporating videos as well. You can follow me and my research on Instagram and read my contributions to Envirobites - a blog designed to highlight recent environmental research for the interested public.

All content and photos the original work of Whitney Kroschel. Contact for permission prior to use. © 2019 by WHITNEY KROSCHEL. 

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